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The Mirror Visions Ensemble explores song repertoire from multiple points of view, often featuring back-to-back performances of diverse settings of a single text. Formed in 1992 by Tobé Malawista, Richard Lalli, and Scott Murphree, the New Haven-based not-for-profit organization continues to create new works, original and dramatic concerts, and develop programs designed to partner with visual exhibitions and events throughout the United States and Europe.
Posted: Apr-29-2010
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Posted: Feb-12-2015
"Unlike most chamber music enterprises, the Mirror Visions Ensemble is run by singers rather than instrumentalists, and its programs are shaped with an ear to the poetry of song texts rather than to overarching notions of musical style."
— New York Times
Posted: Oct-28-2013
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Lincoln Letters (Christopher Berg); Dear Youth: "Christmas Night", "The trouble was Tom was in love", "The Lord knows best", "O, for such a dream" (Daron Hagen); From Noon to Starry Night (Russell Platt). Richard Lalli, Margaret Kampmeier, Scott Murphree, Tobe Malawista, Jane Shelly, Jody Sheinbaum, Alan Darling.
Posted: Jun-17-2008
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Posted: Jul-1-2014